I’m out of date but I have been simultaneously busy and lazy and that makes it very unlikely for blogs to be written.  But let me tell you where I am now.  I’m in a little coffee shop called café Cockburn.  When I woke up this morning I thought I would be on a flight to Prague right now but me being me I actually booked my flight for tomorrow.  This is actually really nice because it means I have to time to write, and I can kid myself that I would write on the plane or when I got to Prague but I think it’s very unlikely that would have actually happened.  Now I have a chance to get my thoughts and adventurous from the last two weeks down and that feels really good.

Let’s take it back a bit.  It’s Friday, March 24th, and after writing a blog until 4 am I awoke 3 hours later and soon after that caught an Uber with my friends to the airport.  I had briefly been to Amsterdam before, on a layover, so I knew the basic layout of the airport and city.  I quickly met up with my other friend and we did some basic settling in.  After some different friends arrived (Yes there were a lot of people to keep track of) we went off to explore the city.  If I’m being honest, and I’m nothing if not honest, Amsterdam was fairly uneventful in the conventional sense.  I also would like to keep some of the events of that weekend to myself in the same regard as a Las Vegas experience.  There is, however, one thing I would like to talk about and that is: The Mystery of the Purmerend Air B&B.  Purmerend is a beautiful little town about 30 minutes north of Amsterdam and it’s much cheaper to stay there over the weekend than in Amsterdam.  Quick side note, don’t visit Amsterdam over a weekend unless you know you can get cheap hostel prices.  The hostels can push $60 or more for the cheapest rooms on weekends but drop significantly on weekdays.  The city is also fairly crowded so a weekday visit may also be more enjoyable anyways.  Regardless, I now present you,

The Mystery of the Purmerend Air B&B

In the quite town of Purmerend rests the weirdest establishment of temporary residence I have every slept in, in my life.  When I first got there it was late at night and I did not fully appreciate the weirdness but the next day it dawned on me.  The room we were staying in was set up like a hostel with 8 or so bunk beds set up throughout the room.  While the room was set up like a normal hostel, it was not designed like one.  The ceiling, while low, had multiple glass chandeliers hanging down.  In fact, some hung in such a way that an unwitting top bunker could sit up and hit their head on one if they weren’t careful.  Now we’ve all seen a tiled shower stall there’s nothing out of the ordinary there.  However, in my experience, I’ve never seen one where the toilet was also set up in the same space for the sake of convenience.  Now while this may have been nice, having a shower and bathroom in the same stall leads to the uncomfortable effect of the ground always being wet with a mystery liquid that is probably water but oh no what if it’s actually…. Anyways come nightfall we discovered that the building we were staying purposes other than housing young travelers.

While we were hanging out in our room that was upstairs we starting hearing what we thought was Mandarin singing coming from below.  This, being strange, and me and my friend James we decided to investigate.  Downstairs we went, casually passing a young Dutch lad of no more than 11 on the way down the stairs.  We reached a large set of closed double doors and the singing was apparent now.  Indeed there was Chinese karaoke going on in the room behind those doors.  Could we go in? That, of course, was the question.  But in our current state, we were scared and unsure of ourselves.  James finally gathered his courage and went to the door.  He opened it just a crack.  Then recoiled closed it quickly and knocked away my phone that I was using to film him. now I didn’t see but he was shaken by what he saw.  I can only recount what he told me afterwords.

“What did you see?” My friends and I asked when we were back in the room with everyone.  Slowly James looked up at us, his voice tremored, “I…I think I saw the Eye of Sauron.”

Now I have my doubts to the legitimacy of this claim, but of course, there is nothing I can do to truly confirm or deny it.

A little bit later in the night, we discovered another secret of the Air B&B.  Directly before the bathrooms, I mentioned earlier there is an unassuming door that actually leads to a small hallway-like room with a sink, dishwasher, and cloth washing machine.  Not only that, this room also had 3 airplane size bathroom shower combos as well.  I cannot stress how small this “room” was.  If I stretched both of my arms out I would be able to touch both walls.  The many doors to the bathrooms could not all be opened simultaneously as they would block each other.  Now, this room would be weird enough in its own right, but it also had a back door which leads onto the roof.  Outside there was a beautiful view of back alleys and lights and life.  It was surreal and inexplicable.  FIND a PICTURE.

Thus Ends:

The Mystery of the Purmerend Air B&B

Overall the Netherlands was really nice.  It actually reminded me a bit of the Midwest if the Midwest had canals everywhere.  The way the towns outside the major city are designed and interspersed with farmland almost makes it feel like home.  Of course, the little Viking children playing soccer outside the theater house that was showing a musical version of Pulp Fiction, adds that sense of Euro-ness that I do so enjoy.

A cat that we made friends with:20170325_181701

Me looking the coolest:20170326_174508


Right now I’m actually in Frankfurt but I’m going to upload it from here and I’m hoping I get another one out asap.  I’m also really mad at myself because I have a really cool polaroid from this trip but I forgot it in Edinburgh and so I’ll have to wait 2 weeks before I can upload it.  Regardless, I’ll see you in Prague!


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